All students living in Clark, Talkington, and Clearwater halls are required to purchase a Resident Meal Plan. Students living in Parrish Hall or off campus, or any Faculty or staff member are not required to, but have the option to purchase a Resident Meal Plan. Commuter students, Parrish Hall students, and Faculty and Staff also have the option of purchasing a commuter plan.

To purchase a Resident Meal Plan, contact Residence Life at (208) 792-2053, or email: You can purchase a commuter plan directly from the Lewis-Clark State College Dining website.

You can use meal swipes at The Marketplace during Breakfast and Dinner meal periods. Lunch is available at The Marketplace using dining dollars, credit, debit, or cash. Dining Dollars can be used at all LCSC dining locations, including Jitterz and Doks Coffee Cabana.

Flex dollars are specific cash values included in Meal Plan. They make your student ID card work like a pre-paid debit card. As you make purchases, the cost of the purchase is subtracted from your remaining total. Flex dollars can be used at The Marketplace, Jitterz, or Doks Coffee Cabana.

Flex dollars carry over from Fall to Spring semester within one academic year. They do not carry over from one academic year to the next.

You can make Meal Plan changes within the first week of classes. If you want to make a change to a larger plan later in the semester, it is possible through the Residence Life office. Any other changes must go through the Director of Housing at (208) 792-2053.

Dining plans expire on the last day of each semester. Dining dollars do not expire. Block and Weekly meal swipes do not carry into the next semester.

Warrior Bucks work similarly to Flex dollars, in that they make your student ID card into a pre-paid debit card. Warrior Bucks are accepted at the student computer lab, vending machines, The Marketplace, Jitterz, Doks Coffee Cabana, athletics concessions, the library, the bookstore, and more. You can load WarriorBucks to your ID card online, in person at the SUB information desk or at the Library, or via email.